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Best football / soccer games for Android and iOS

Best football games for Android and iOS - FIFA 16
Best football games for Android and iOS - FIFA 16

If you like football,  they you will most likely enjoy these games. Here are some of the best football games for Android and iOS.

Best football games for Android and iOS – Dream League Soccer 2016

Create and manage your own dream team. In this free game, you have the ability to customise your team. And your stadium, as the game allows you to build your own stadium. You and your team start at the very bottom, at the lowest division. As you win games, you earn coins, which you can use to buy better players or to expand your stadium. You can buy real, licenced players. A bigger stadium is needed to achieve promotion into higher divisions. The graphics are really good, and the AI is surprisingly good. Oh, and don’t forget to try out multiplayer.

Best football games for Android and iOS – FIFA 16

Something I’d like to point out straight away is that this game is quite demanding. It will only work on the latest, high-end devices, although nothing is stopping you from manually downloading the game. Just like DLS, FIFA 16 allows you to create your own team. Featuring a smart AI, it will give you a challenge in singleplayer mode. And, of course, you can play multiplayer. Another cool factor about the game are the graphics, which are absolutely wonderful.

Best football games for Android and iOS – Football manager 2016

If you more prefer to be a manager than a scoring star, Football manager is the game for you. Made by SEGA, Football manager gives you complete control over your team. The introduction of gold, silver and bronze coaching badges allows you to define your own management style. Train and prepare your team to be the very best. Now, if you have a tablet, you should check out Football manager touch, as it is much better optimised for tablets, and is in general better (and more expensive) Android  –  iOS. If you don’t have a tablet, check out the normal, mobile version. Android  –  iOS

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Best football games for Android and iOS – Flick Shoot 2

A football game where you only score free kicks…well…TRY to score free kicks. Flick Shoot 2 features 6 different playing modes, including  Challenge, Arcade, Not Miss, Time Attack, Dribbling and Practice. Of course, apart from singleplayer, you do have the option for multiplayer. Play one on one matches in Multiplayer or join the Online Tournament for the ultimate challenge against real users from all around the world.

Best football games for Android and iOS – Top Eleven

Top Eleven has the same ideas and concept of Football manager 2016. However, instead of paying 10-20$, Top Eleven is a free game, however, there are a lot of in-app purchases. Create your own team, your own tactics, and become a successful manager.  Challenge other managers in competition and friendlies.

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