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Best FPS/TPS games for Android and iOS

Best FPS games for Android ans iOS - Dead Space
Best FPS/TPS games for Android ans iOS - Dead Space

FPS games aren’t only for PCs and consoles. There are some pretty decent FPS/TPS games for Android and iOS. And Windows Phone. Here are some of the best FPS games for Android and iOS…and Windows Phone.

Before continuing, I will mention that most of these games do like a powerful phone. If your device is underpowered, I can’t guarantee these games will even run.

Best FPS games for Android and iOS – Dead Trigger 2

Kicking our list off is one of the most popular FPS game on mobile. Dead Trigger 2 features absolutely fantastic graphics, evolving storyline, and multiple ways of playing the game. You have to save the world by killing, you’ve guessed it, zombies. You have a wide variety of weapons to choose from. From a simple pistol, to a bomb strapped to a chicken, this game has it all. You can also go on tournaments, and you also have a zen mode. It’s definitely worth trying out.
Windows Phone

Best FPS games for Android and iOS – Dead Effect

Dead Effect is another game where you shoot zombies. Just like Dead Trigger 2, this game has some awesome graphics. The year is 2045. You are on a spaceship. Your character is woken up way earlier than the computer should have. Upon investigating, your character Grey finds out that the crew has been infected by a virus that turns humans into zombies. At the end, however, is a major plot twist, that I won’t reveal. But it is rather quite shocking.

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Best FPS games for Android and iOS – Dead Space

A bit of an older game on this list, sure, but it’s still an epic one. Dead Space is an immersive horror survival game from EA. Being a 2011 game, the graphics may not be as good as the previously mentioned games, but that doesn’t matter much. Not to me, at least. In this third-person shooter, your character code named Vandal is sent to the Government Sector on a sabotage mission by the Church of Unitology for purposes unknown to herself. I won’t say anything more, so I don’t spoil it if you want to play. The games is action-packed, immerisve, and really fun to play. And has some jump scares, too. I can’t find on the store, so EA’s site will have to do.

Best FPS games for Android and iOS – Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Blackout is a huge step forward from the previous version, bringing a rich and immersive story coupled with awesome graphics. This action-packed game will make you play the game more and more! Taking you from Venice to Tokyo, the cinematic animations really are something special. The story itself is really nice, but, being a really decent FPS, it of course features multiplayer! This game will get you hooked.
Windows Phone

Best FPS games for Android and iOS – République

Probably one of the best games on this list. It’s a bit different from the other games, since it mostly focuses on stealth, and being sneaky and quiet. As all the games above, it features breathtaking visuals, a well constructed world, and an epic, 5 episode story. You have to guide your character Hope through different dangers to safety. I will mention that this game DOES require a bit more processing horsepower, but if you have a mid-range phone from the past year, or something more powerful, it will do.

Best FPS games for Android and iOS – N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

Blah blah blah, fancy graphics, good story…I’m just repeating myself here. Well, you don’t shoot zombies here, tho. Just like MC5, you have multiplayer. It can be local Wi-Fi, or on the Internet.

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